Eastsound Mayoral Campaign 2013

In Support of Orcas Island Children's House

Welcome to the 2013 Eastsound Mayoral Campaign. The race is an annual fundraiser sponsored by and benefiting Children's House, (www.oich.org) a childhood early-learning center supporting island families for more than 40 years. Despite occasional mudslinging, the race is always good-natured and offers both the community and island visitors an opportunity to support an establishment committed to early childhood development.

Each vote is $1 and can be submitted on this website or at one of the ballot boxes around Eastsound. The candidate with the most votes will be declared mayor! Vote as many times as you like, as often as you like, but remember our friends at PayPal take 32 cents of the first $1. To get more bang for your buck, pledge more than $1 here.

Follow the campaign at oich.org or by following our tweets via ChildrensHouse1.

Orcas Island Children's House is committed to building a community in which all children have the opportunity to learn and grow in a healthy, supportive environment. Underlying everything we do is the recognition that early childhood is the most important developmental period in a child's life.


The last voting opportunity will be at the Village Green between 10 A.M. - 2PM on July 6, 2013.



2307 Votes

Needs 0 votes to win
Has 30% of votes

Sponsored by
Windermere, Owner Kristin Mierau



2121 Votes

Needs 187 votes to win
Has 28% of votes

Sponsored by
Children's House, Owner Patrick Bennett/Jenny Hovelman



1284 Votes

Needs 1024 votes to win
Has 17% of votes

Sponsored by
Crow Valley Pottery, Owner Martin Lund



1268 Votes

Needs 1040 votes to win
Has 17% of votes

Sponsored by
Island Hoppin' Brewery, Manager Becca Gray



651 Votes

Needs 1657 votes to win
Has 9% of votes

Sponsored by
Orcas Book Exchange, Manager Vala Ross

To add a write in candidate please call Children's House at 360.376.4744

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